Over The Road Hauling

Are you looking for top-notch over the road trucking services?

MEI Trucking has a team of experienced, safe, and reliable drivers that can provide you with over the road hauling of farm and commercial products. Our trucks are tough and well-maintained, ensuring that your goods will make it safely to their destination.

Do you need over the road hauling?

The type of trucking service you need depends on the distance your freight needs to be hauled. Over the road trucking is used when you need a truck to haul freight long distances instead of locally.

If you need your material hauled a long-distance, MEI Trucking’s over the road hauling services are the right choice.

MEI Trucking - Safe, Experienced Drivers Taking Your Freight Where It Needs To Go

MEI Trucking over the road drivers will haul your freight anywhere in the upper midwest. Our trucks haul in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. If you need hauling services to any location in these states, MEI Trucking can help.

We haul anything from rolled paper to batteries, to palletized seed, to aluminum cans and more. MEI Trucking hauls:

  • Dry Loads
  • Dedicated Loads
  • And More

When you hire MEI Trucking for your over the road hauling needs, your professional Midwest Truck Driver will start out first thing on Monday morning and will be on the road until Friday.

We believe in taking care of our drivers so that they can take care of your freight. That’s why our over the road hauling drivers transport goods throughout the week and relax at home with their families on the weekend.

You can rest assured that your freight is in the best of hands when you choose top-notch over the road hauling services from MEI Trucking.



Are you looking for a new career as an over the road driver?

Do you want to work for an incredible company with great benefits?

MEI Trucking is hiring experienced truck drivers to work on our over the road team. We offer great pay, a retirement plan, health benefits, and any necessary training and licensing.

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