MEI Trucking strives in being professional, honest, and provides safe, reliable drivers that can haul regionally in the upper midwest (MN, SD, ND, IA, and WI).

MEI Trucking and its trucking operations haul our farm commodities and also hauls for commercial hire. MEI Trucking has live bottoms, grain trailers, belly dumps, hopper trailers, 53 ft. dry van trailers and beet trailers for hauling.

MEI Trucking is here to haul for road construction, agriculture, dry goods, amongst other things. Our drivers are safe, confident, and care about the product they are hauling. MEI Trucking and its family of drivers are committed to safety and strive in getting the product hauled safe and on time. We use an electronic log so we always know where your product is.

MEI Trucking Hauling Services

Over The Road

We haul anything from rolled paper to batteries, to palletized seed, to aluminum cans and more. Drivers will leave on a Monday morning and return home Friday so they are home for the weekend.

Regional Hauling

We haul Hopper Bottom trailers and transport bulk products like grain, soybeans, and corn.


We haul corn, beans, grain, and sugar beets to the piling sites. We can also haul lime from Southern MN Sugar Cooperative to various farms.

What We Haul

  • Lime

  • Seed Beans

  • Manure

  • Turkey Litter

  • Soybean Meal

  • Tile

  • Commodities

  • Aggregate

  • and More

MEI Trucking truck with trailer - trucking operations


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