In need of road construction hauling services? We can help!

At MEI Trucking, you’ll find top-notch trucking services, including road construction hauling. Our road construction truck drivers are experienced, safe drivers who know how to carry and deliver freight with care. MEI trucks are kept in great condition so that you can rest assured your road construction goods get wherever you need them.

Road Construction Hauling Services

When you’re running a road construction project, you need to transport your supplies and materials to the construction area. Transportation can be complicated, depending on where your project is and the type of freight that you need to move. In order to get your supplies to your job site without trouble, you need the reliable Midwest Truck Drivers at MEI Trucking.

Experienced Road Construction Drivers Move Your Construction Supplies Safely

At MEI Trucking, our professional drivers will safely haul your construction supplies anywhere that you have a road construction project in the Upper Midwest. Our territory includes Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. If you need road construction supplies hauled and delivered in these states, MEI Trucking can help.

MEI Trucking road construction hauling services move supplies such as:

  • Millings
  • Hot Mix
  • Gravel
  • Plant Product
  • Other Pit or Road Deliveries

When you hire MEI Trucking for your road construction project, you won’t have to worry about the safety and reliability of your deliveries. Our experienced team will ensure that your goods are delivered on-time and without trouble.

For any of your construction needs, hire MEI Trucking. When your supplies are in great hands, you’re one step closer to a smooth, efficient project.



Are you looking for a new career as a road construction hauling driver?

Do you want to work for an incredible company with great benefits?

MEI Trucking is hiring experienced truck drivers to work on our road construction hauling team. We offer great pay, a retirement plan, health benefits, and any necessary training and licensing.

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